Local Artists Descend on White House Productions for Monsters of Acoustic Rock 15

Maia Dobbs, Victoria Lee Atkin, Quinn Harley, & Zach Andersen light up MOAR #15!

White House Productions was thrilled to host a very special Monsters of Acoustic Rock #15, the monthly artist showcase at our Shelton, Connecticut recording studio.

Maia Dobbs at Monsters of Acoustic Rock

Maia Dobbs – Photo by The Sweet & Sweaty

Maia Dobbs, in her debut at MOAR, came off like a seasoned veteran. Maia controlled the room with her dynamic songs and engaging story telling. Even though Maia had to play kid-friendly songs at a frozen yogurt joint the night before (we ain’t kidding), we got her full dish of raw, sassy, and scolding love songs on Friday night at MOAR! Maia’s voice hits a wide range of highs, lows, and everything in between. For a singer/songwriter that grew up in the Taylor Swift era, Maia conversely brought “more than pop” songs reminiscent of Jewel and Stevie Nicks. Maia claims Cyndi Lauper for her stage attitude and it certainly shined through in her freeness out there. Watch Maia’s chat about her influences and more, including a complete song performed at MOAR:



Victoria Lee Atkin at Monsters of Acoustic Rock

Victoria Lee Atkin – Photo by The Sweet & Sweaty

Victoria Lee Atkin, also in her debut at MOAR, brought her 60’s rock & folk rock sounds, and indie sensibilities to the stage. Victoria is a multi-instrumentalist and she chose her favorite, the ukulele, to compliment her soft, yet strong vox on Friday night. From humble beginnings performing at Molten Java coffee house all the way to the legendary Toad’s Place, Victoria’s performance comfortability was ever present under the lights in the live room at White House Productions. One of Victoria’s main influences growing up was the Beatles, but she leaves out the cheese when it comes to her simplistic, melodic, and driving love songs. The deep release that Victoria says she gets from playing live was also a release for the crowd! Check out Zach Andersen’s Z-A interview and video series with Victoria to learn more details about Victoria’s story and to experience her music live!


Quinn Harley

Quinn Harley – Photo by The Sweet & Sweaty

Quinn Harley is not a newcomer to MOAR and it showed in her laid back approach to the evening! Also being amongst good friends, Quinn really had fun with it. Quinn jumped into impromptu cover-song teasers and start/stop originals, often pausing to get the feedback of the crowd on pitch and chord changes. Her guitar playing was magnificent and way beyond her teenage years. Quinn will continue to be a force in the CT indie music scene and we can’t wait to see what other surprises she has in store! Check out a past interview/performance (below) and visit Quinn’s Bandcamp to hear her music.


Zach Andersen Shelton CT

Zach Andersen – Photo by The Sweet & Sweaty

Zach Andersen did not fool around with his headlining slot at Monsters of Acoustic Rock #15. Being the ultimate MOAR interviewer, performer, talent booker, and overall flag bearer,  you would think he’d take it easy as late into the night as it was. Instead, Zach brought heavy emotions. Leaning away from the quirky, happy, and sad/happy (“sappy”) vibe that Zach normally weaves throughout his set did not take away from his performance. In fact, the down set as Zach dubbed it, was more engaging than ever! The crowd crusher was Zach’s performance of the song he wrote in place of a best man’s speech at his brother’s wedding. We’re all hoping that he records the track soon or it shows up on a future release. Sometimes the best songs are the ones that bleed from the heart without effort. Well, that’s at least what it seemed/sounded like. Thank you for bringing the wedding tribute to MOAR! Listen to all things Zach on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Now that you’ve read, watched, and listened — See what you missed?! That’s right, come down to Monsters of Acoustic Rock #16 on Friday, July 21st and experience all that this monthly series has to offer (new event details to be posted soon!). MOAR is for all fans of music and offers the perfect wind down for the week in our home like, studio setting. Tell your friends, bring your friends, and support local, live, and independent music at White House Productions Recording Studio in Shelton, CT!

Acoustic and Drums

MOAR #15 – Photos by The Sweet & Sweaty