Local Artists Takeover Shelton, CT Recording Studio for Monsters of Acoustic Rock 8

Last Friday’s Monsters of Acoustic Rock concert series hosted an eclectic mix of indie artists at White House Productions in Shelton, Connecticut.

August’s MOAR#8 included riveting sets by Zach AndersenEZ Bluez, Jason Gerrish, and Gracie Day.

Gracie Day's axe

Gracie Day’s axe – Photo by The Sweet and Sweaty

Zach Andersen was able to top all of his previous performances with a well-oiled voice and guitar chops, along with his always playful banter. “Rubik’s Cube” is relatable to all who just can’t crack the puzzle of someone you are close with. “Red Rover” very much highlighted Zach Andersen’s driving, acoustic rock side with pushing vox. The single, “I Smile Too” is a stepped down ballad that is still as strong as his rock-forward tunes.

EZ Bluez is an Army Veteran born and bred on hip-hop and rock, with a splash of soul, and the influence of growing up singing songs with his Mom, who fancied The Grateful Dead. When EZ said it was “going to get weird,” you can certainly understand where he’s coming from with this range of influences! As soon as you think you can compare EZ to another artist, he completely flips his sound, tempo, and vibe, in the best of ways. Check out Zach Andersen’s Z to A interview with EZ along with his live performance:

Jason Gerrish was up next with his impressive combination of classic country style music and today’s ‘red solo cup’ country, without loss of emotion or credibility. Jason Gerrish could blend right in with counterparts in Nashville and Austin, but certainly brings his own spin to the genre. With a full length and a steady string performing live, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of this CT country boy! Get in-depth with his pre-show interview and performance:

Gracie Day headlined and more than held her own with the boys of the night, with a monster stage presence and seasoned musician’s set. Gracie Day leaned into the crowd with moving tracks like “Fiction Into Fire” (covering a court room proposal), the firey “Don’t Want Whiskey”, and the rookie artist schooling “Bad Habits”, covering the hardships of playing on the road. Gracie Day is extremely active all around New England. Be on the look-out, because you will no doubt be impressed by her live show and will certainly walk away with one of her hand-made-cover, CDs. Even if you don’t have a player any more, you’ll want the souvenir! And then consume the media online! Thank you again to Zach Andersen for an engaging interview with and a full video of the Monsters of Acoustic Rock 8 headliner, Gracie Day:

And thank you to all of the artists for another amazing Monsters of Acoustic Rock! #MOAR9 will be on Friday, September 23, 2016 at White House Production’s CT Recording Studio – Artist announcement coming soon!

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