Studio Spotlight – Recording Revisited: Reckless Serenade

Now that the Vans Warped Tour is in full swing it has us reflecting on our work with one of the great acts that is performing on the tour – Reckless Serenade. At the end of April 2015 White House Productions Connecticut recording studio had the pleasure of being picked alongside Carriage House Studios to record Reckless Serenade’s single “Pretty Monster”. With Grammy-winning producer Brian Moncarz at the helm, it was the job of our chief engineer Nathan Sage at White House Productions to capture the tone of their high-gain guitar amps, exactly how they wanted them to sound.

With the control room filled with a vast selection of Gibson guitars, MarshallOrange and the awesome Fryette heads, we began tracking around three in the afternoon and finished just after midnight. The session remains a highlight because these guys are amazing players and there was great energy in the studio. We managed to plow through five large pizzas in 30 minutes, during our session’s only break, and get all the guitars finished in time for gang vocals in our big live room – keeping them on time and on track for their final session that Monday.

What did we use on the session you ask? Our go-to setup for electric guitars at White House Productions are our solid state preamps; the Millennia Media HV-3B, and the Focusrite 428 paired with a combination of Sennheiser MD421’s and Shure SM57’s on the cabs which capture that great thunderous sound hi-gain guitar amps deliver. For gang vocals our trusted vintage friend the Neumann U87 was used, going through our Avalon 737sp preamp with the compressor engaged!

We are proud of Reckless Serenade recently signing a record deal with InVogue Records and for also being selected to play on the entire Vans Warped Tour this year – they deserve it! Plus, we wish them every success in the future. Reckless Serenade are one of the hardest working bands around, and aspiring bands should take note that through persistence and hard work, comes great success.

Check out their video for “Pretty Monster” below:

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