Acoustic Summer Friday at White House Production’s Connecticut Recording Studio

White House Production’s CT recording studio provided the perfect escape from the summer heat last Friday with it’s latest concert in the monthly Monsters of Acoustic Rock series.

June’s showcase was another smorgasbord of up-and-coming Connecticut artists: Zach Andersen, Steph Serenita, The Hooch, and The Cluster Flies. MOAR 6 had the most diverse group of artists yet with everything from emo acoustic, to 60’s soulful acoustic, to R&B acoustic, and midwest emo and punk-inspired indie (acoustic) rock!

Zach Andersen pulled his usual double-duty of warming up the just arriving crowd immediately following indie interviews with all of the performers. Zach has acoustic indie down to a science and his set is highlighted by his sincere, engaging track descriptions leading into every song.

Steph Serenita stepped up to the plate next with Janis Joplin-esque intensity, soul, and vocal range. Her storytelling in between songs only drew you in further. Even with the heartbreak and every-day-life frustrations worked out through her lyrics and song, we were left uplifted and inspired. Check out Steph Serenita’s full pre-show interview and a taste of her live performance.

The Hooch were a refreshing surprise to the evening’s line-up. Taking a completely different approach from most other artists we have experienced at MOAR, The Hooch wove hip-hop and R&B stylings into their acoustic performance. Opening with a cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” was completely unexpected! The hit cover set the tone and The Hooch never let up with the booming bass beats of the percussionist/back-up singer’s cajón, laying a smooth foundation for the lead singer/guitarist’s heartfelt groove riffs and vocals. Learn more through their pre-show interview and live performance video.

The Cluster Flies came to the stage immediately and nothing was lost between their normally amplied, raucous live performance and their stripped-down acoustic set. There are so many influences to be heard within The Cluster Flies, but yet it comes off completely original and unique in their full compositions. If you think that every indie rock sound has been done before, then check out The Cluster Flies to sway your jaded ears! Thank you to Zach Andersen for another superb interview and video with the Monsters of Acoustic Rock 6 headliner, The Cluster Flies.

#MOAR7 will be on July 29, 2016 at White House Production’s Connecticut Recording Studio – Artist announcement coming soon!

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