Studio Spotlight – Gear: Avalon VT-737SP

The Avalon VT-737sp has gradually become our first choice in preamp for vocals, and DI for bass.

Preamp for vocals:
We find for vocals, the VT-737sp provides a slightly warm, but clear modern sound. The resulting treatment helps naturally thicken any vocal recorded through it, all without making the vocals sound woolly. This especially goes for singer songwriter music, as heard on John Jennings song “Move on“.

Preamp for bass:
For bass, the Avalon VT-737sp adds just enough distortion to give the signal more body; which in turn thickens the sound of the DI signal.

The VT-737sp’s options include a compressor, EQ section, hi pass filter, phase reverse, phantom power, line/instrument/mic input, and side-chaining abilities, making this preamp a very versatile piece of equipment to have in the studio.

Recording tip:
It’s important to capture the tone of any source exactly how you want it to sound, before committing to pressing ‘record’. We generally focus on the EQ section of the Avalon VT-737sp when recording vocals. The Avalon’s EQ does a great job of being able to lift up mid-frequencies within vocals, in a non brittle and very pleasing manner, whilst complementing the voice. The EQ section, like the compressor, can be bypassed – giving you many options when recording.

As with the EQ, we only use the compressor when recording vocals, and only very subtle settings just to catch any peaks to prevent clipping. Having said that, it is a powerful compressor with the ability to successfully heavily compress loud vocalists as well, due to its clear sound.

We’ve spent a great deal of time dialing-in all of the above. If you aren’t able to replicate the astounding results of using a VT-737sp with your own recording ventures, drop us a line to book some studio time!




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