Studio Spotlight – Gear: Neumann U87

As many sound engineers/producers already know, the Neumann U87 is one of the most used microphones in the recording industry. Many artists don’t know that there is much speculation about the quality and nuances of the new ‘Ai’ version vs. a vintage model U87. Our Neumann U87 is a vintage model from the late 1960’s – notable by the fact it has “Western Germany” stamped on it’s body, and it’s abilities are unparalleled. We are unsure of the past records our work horse microphone has recorded prior to residing at White House Productions. But considering its age, it has definitely stood the test of time. It’s the Swiss army knife in our the studio and it never compromises on quality!

Okay, so enough of us rambling, you want to know what we use our U87 on? Well, its the first choice for close-miking acoustic guitar, stringed instruments, wind instruments, and vocals. We really like this microphone as it picks up the sound of each source exactly how it sounds in the room. With its -10 pad it enables recording of loud sources with ease – loud singers for example. As heard from our studio most recently on Joe LaDore’s song “Skipping Joy” (feat. The Promise is Hope), which is the title song for a new documentary called “Skipping Joy” (slated for release in late 2016).


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