Studio Spotlight – Gear: Millennia Media HV-3B Mic Preamp

Over the last few weeks we have been recording lots of acoustic guitar, cello, and violin for various projects (John Jennings, Western Estates). Apart from the instruments being stringed, the other correlation is the preferred combination of our studio work-horse microphone, the classic Neumann U87 (late 1960s model), and Millennia Media’s HV-3B microphone preamp; which together provide a very detailed and precise replication of each instrument in a true, and natural way.

Neumann U87


After going back and forth between valve and solid-state microphone preamps, the Millennia HV-3B has become the go to preamp for recording acoustic instruments. It is a very transparent – but solid preamp, which in turn allows the true natural voice of each instrument captured through the Neumann U87 to shine through – which is especially noticeable when several tracks are stacked in a dense mix. We can’t wait for other artists to hear what this combination can do for their sound!


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