Acoustic Rock Studio Style in Shelton, CT

White House Productions takes a well-needed break from its CT recording studio work the last Friday of every month with the Monsters of Acoustic Rock series. April’s showcase brought together the eclectic line-up of Zach Andersen, John Jennings, Western Estates, and Kindred Queer. You can’t get more relaxed and intimate than this! Photo by THEUGENEwhite house productions monsters of acoustic rock

John Jennings puts dynamic tempo changes to the test. Most electric diehards would be challenged to match John’s stripped-down intensity and emotion. John’s low register and aggressive attack are extremely engaging, especially on “Sometimes.” Once complete, John’s recordings from White House will be something to be reckoned with. Photo by THEUGENE
John Jennings

Western Estates hopped on the provided backline at White House Productions and launched right into an acoustic version of their alt-progressive rock set (full set recording thanks to THEUGENE). Western Estates hit everything in stride even though it wasn’t their typical setup. Studio Manager and Chief Engineer, Nathan Sage, stepped in like a true member of their road crew and helped swap guitars and manage the mics to hold pristine sound and keep the set going without interruption. Western Estates takes you on a journey back to the heyday of alternative rock (remember MTV’s 120 MINUTES?), but with a modern, indie punk flair. Laura’s vox and cello transcend the boundaries of any genre and have all the pain and uplifting moments you could ask for in this style of rock. Photo by TheSweetAndSweaty
Western Estates

Kindred Queer only came represented by two members, Xavier and Olive, respectively on acoustic/vox and cello/vox. The melodies between Xavier & Olive are exquisite and what a way to hear it all with studio room sound. The guitar and cello cut through the room as if you were wearing your headphones at home. It was certainly a treat to absorb Kindred Queer’s psychedelic folk without any background bar chatter. Their full-lineup is jealous though, so definitely take in a complete ensemble live set! Until then, don’t miss out on the ‘duo’ the next time their at The Monsters of Acoustic Rock and stay tuned for their record that is close to being complete. Photo by THEUGENE
Kindred Queer
Zach Andersen was the glue that kept the night together. Opening the sound checks, manning the door, running video archives for Nathan, and playing a full set acoustic, folk, indi-pop rock. Like with Western Estates, there is a certain pain that runs through Zach’s music, but it always the sun shined through the darkness just the same. He’ll make you laugh and shed a tear with his heart string pulling tales. Zach is no stranger to White House Productions Recording Studio, so you should see him at a Monster’s of Acoustic Rock in the future. Photo by TheSweetAndSweaty
Zach Andersen

#MOAR5 is coming on May 27, 2016 – Artist announcement coming soon!

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